7 surprisingly powerful body language secrets for success

7 surprisingly powerful body language secrets for success

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It is no secret that a huge percent of our daily communication is nonverbal. There are times when our bodies just react in ways which we can’t process if put on the spot. And this is why our body language is very important. If you want to make sure that you communicate exactly what you aim to, check out these seven body language secrets for a successful life:

1. Stand up straight

A good posture is always welcomed – if not for your health, then for showing people that you are confident and sure of yourself. Keeping your spine erect and spreading your shoulders wide is a sign of power that will undoubtedly show the world you think you matter.

2. Uncross your arms

We don’t have to tell you that standing with your arms crossed denotes a closed off attitude that puts a physical barrier between you and the other person. This gives the impression that you are shutting that person out – and that is clearly not a good feeling.

3. Stop fidgeting

We know that playing with something – your hair, your clothes, your phone – makes you feel more comfortable when you’re feeling anxious. But if you really are anxious, it’s important to be able to feign comfort even in an awkward situation. Sooner or later, the actual comfort will come.

4. Don’t stare

Of course making eye contact is extremely important in order for people to feel that they are connecting with you. However, if you overdo it, it can make the others feel awkward. So try not to stare for too long, or someone might interpret it as an attempt to dominate or as an aggressive behavior.

5. Avoid overexcited nodding

Although you might be tempted to nod enthusiastically every time your supervisors say something, it can seem fake, like you are trying to gain favors with them by agreeing with everything they say. Instead try to approve with a slight inclination of your chin or a verbal “yes” – these will do the trick.

6. Stop checking the time

This may seem harmless (after all we all have others things to do as well), but it is actually extremely disrespectful to the person you’re with. If you show signs of impatience and if you look like you’re dying to go, so will your company.

7. Be consistent with your words

One of the most important body language secrets is to maintain consistency between your words and your emotions. For instance, if you look sad while delivering a compliment or happy when you are rejected, people won’t take you seriously. It is extremely important for your body to function as a whole, your brain matching your mouth and limbs.

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