How do they do it: four mompreneurs share their successful stories

How do they do it: four mompreneurs share their successful stories

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Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Even if you have a particular set of skills that make it easier for you to imagine, design and build on your business ideas, it is an extremely time and energy-consuming process, that implies a lot of planning, writing, calculating, paper-filing, marketing and more. That is difficult enough to handle for someone who’s single and has few social obligations, so how do these exceptional women manage to excel both in their family life and at their business?

This Entrepreneur article tells their stories. Balancing family, business and self is a form of art, so let’s hear from these women how they practice it like true masters:

1. Flesché Hesch realized that neither one of the two priorities – family and business -had to come over the other. Wanting to combine family time with time spent developing her own business, she started her own business coaching company for moms. In this way, she gained full control of her schedule and achieved a balance between family and work. And all of it by making use of her marriage and family counseling expertise.

2. Sarah Jagger also became aware that she could take capitalize on things already available to her as a wife and mother. More exactly, Sarah, the founder of Domestic Objects, does business with products she originally made for her own kids – handmade play tents. Through these, she appeals to moms who want to encourage imaginative play in their kids, diminishing the need for technology.

3. Dr. Shannon Davis saw in her baby’s struggle to chase a family pet around the house a need for a carpet-, tile-, and wood flooring-compatible balance device that would help children move more independently. So she devised the Little Balance Box. Davis recognized an opportunity to both help her kid and set up a business that would help many others.

4. Kalika Yap is the founder of Luxe Link, The Waxing Co. and Citrus Studios. While she is what is called a serial entrepreneur, she remains extremely involved in her family life. Kalika is currently working on a new project together with her children, Conscious Kids, which will focus on ethical leadership in school-age children.