Ten most useful websites for learning new skills and increasing your productivity

Ten most useful websites for learning new skills and increasing your productivity


Internet is indisputably the most powerful tool available worldwide nowadays. While it is offers a wide range of opportunities for entertainment – all very attractive and potentially addicting – from watching movies and cat videos to playing online with your friends, it can and should also be used extensively for personal development.

You can learn just about anything on the Internet. There is a huge number of websites out there that offer free, legitimate courses at an academic level and some of them even provide you with a diploma that is generally just as valid as the one earned at your local university. Here’s some examples:

  • www.coursera.org – an education company that collaborates with top universities to offer you free, top-quality courses online
  • http://class.stanford.edu – Stanford-based online teaching platform
  • www.futurelearn.com – first UK-led online course learning platform, partnered with major universities like the University of Birmingham and King’s College London as well as with non-university partners such as The British Council.

More than that, you can start studying a new language in the comfort of your own desk chair/ bed, by regularly visiting sites like:

  • www.duolingo.com –  where Duo the owl is your trusted companion in your journey to learning a new foreign language in a fun, interactive way
  • www.babbel.com – offers free, user-friendly lessons for both beginners and advanced speakers of English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and many others.

As for general learning:

  • www.howtodothings.com – learn to do just about anything from how to start a financial business to how to win any argument from the step-by-step lessons offered here
  • www.ted.com – an impressive, constantly updated collection of conferences given by interesting people all over the world and in a variety of languages
  • www.khanacademy.org – short lectures in the form of Youtube videos, on just about any subject there is to learn about, all at your fingertips and free-of-charge.

Last but definitely not least, there are many websites that provide both lessons and the possibility to test your knowledge in real time in the field of computer programming. While that may not sound as appealing as learning how to properly decorate your living-room, code-writing is a must-have skill nowadays and for generations to come. So you better head to:

  • www.codecademy.org – learn and apply your knowledge of code instantly
  • www.udacity.com – video courses followed by quizzes and homework make for a powerful, practice-oriented code learning tool.

The list is practically inexhaustible, but this is a good start for anyone who wishes to make use of their time in a productive way. So take action and benefit from the power of the Internet today!