What kind of music you should be listening to when you want...

What kind of music you should be listening to when you want to be productive

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There is no denying that music is a big part of people’s life, and apart for it being a relaxation strategy, there are people for whom listening to music when they work brings a huge creativity boost, it motivates and keeps them productive.

However, not any kind of music fits every mood or situation. According to an article written by Jory Mackay at Quartz, there are some important rules to be followed in order for you to make sure the song you’re listening to is perfect for the work you’re doing:

  • When you are dealing with simple, repetitive, and monotonous tasks – like answering emails, you should choose music you’ve listened before. It will help you get the job done faster and improve your performance.
  • Don’t listen to music with lyrics when you’re trying to learn something – try classical or instrumental, they have been shown to enhance your mental performance more.
  • When you’re doing the work you love and you’re an expert at, music can seem like magic. For instance, it has been reported that surgeons work better with the music they love in the background.
  • A research conducted by Dr. Emma Gray of the British CBT and Counseling Service together with Spotify, showed that the musical tempo which best induces the alpha state in your brain is in the range of 50-80 beats per minute. That helps you be more focused and alert. According to Gray, it is not about the kind of music you are listening to, but its tempo.
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