10 tips for getting through a tough week

10 tips for getting through a tough week

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Tough weeks – we all have to go through them. And it would be even better if we could go through them without losing our mind from the stress or physically hurting anybody. Here are ten tips to help you get through that tough week you’re dreading!

1. Force yourself to get up from your desk once an hour. Use that time to take a walk and clear your mind, or go grab a snack. When you come back you will feel more refreshed and ready to get back to work.

2. Speaking of snacks, try to avoid the sugary ones – they will only slow down your productivity.

3. Once you are completely done with work for the day, make sure to take some real time to relax, otherwise how else are you going to make it through the week?

4. Give yourself permission to take it easy if you are not feeling well. Working when your health is not in good shape will only assure that the work is not at its highest level and that you are getting sicker by the minute.

5. Dinner! No, we’re not pretending you are not familiar with that concept, we are only saying you should make it an actual activity for your evening. Instead of ordering the same pizza you do every nights, allow yourself to go out and try something you’re never tried before!

6. Call up an old friend and check how he’s been doing – a chat with someone you like can do wonders for your mood. Not to mention it will strengthen your friendship.

7. Allow yourself to loosen up every once in a while and not worry about appearances. Let loose on the dance floor or take a silly Snapchat, it’s your choice! Give yourself the time and space to fully enjoy it!

8. Let the less important things slide – you don’t have to be in control of everything at all times, learn to prioritize!

9. Do something nice for someone, no matter how small. Maybe they are in the same stressful position as you are and your gesture could make their day – and yours too.

10. Learn to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed, there’s nothing wrong with that. People might be more willing to help you out than you might think!

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