12 crazy documentaries on YouTube

12 crazy documentaries on YouTube

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It’s no secret that YouTube is a magical land where one can find the most diverse and often surprising clips. Apart from the usual short clips, there’s also a vast area of documentaries, which often lead to more documentaries, and before you know it you will be binge watching stuff about conspiracy theories and supernatural possibilities. If you’re looking for some time-fillers, here is a list of 12 of the most strange documentaries you can encounter on YouTube, courtesy of The Daily Dot:

  1. Mermaid Girl: This is the story of Shiloh Pepin, a girl who suffers from sirenomelia, which means she was born with her legs fused together and her feet twisted, causing her to look like a mermaid. Get out your box of tissues and be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch this enchanting girl manage her life without complaining.
  2. The Imposter: This documentary tells the story of a French con artist who manages to convince a Texan family that he is their long-missing son. Although this is not at all plausible, the family accepts him. Want to find out why? Be prepared for a twist ending!
  3. The Family Who Walks on All Fours: This documentary follows a Turkish family where almost all of the members walk on all fours, with suspicions of the possibility of human devolution.
  4. 3D Printed Guns: The documentary follows the creator of the 3-D printed guns, Cody Wilson, who shows how he can “print” illegal guns in his own home without any government intervention.
  5. Child of Rage: This is the story of Beth Thomas, who, after being sexually abused when she was 1 year old, develops a disturbing behavior: she wants to kill her adoptive parents, she snaps birds’ necks, or she excessively masturbates until her vagina bleeds.
  6. The Scariest Drug in the World: It’s found in Colombia and it’s called scopolamine. This documentary follows the effects of this drug, which keeps a person lucid but unable to control their actions. It has been used to make people rob themselves or even as a rape drug.
  7. Too Ugly For Love: This documentary is made up of multiple episodes which feature people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder – they cannot see themselves clearly when they look in the mirror and suffer terribly because of this, even though a lot of them are completely normal.
  8. The Boy Who Lived Before: This is the story of a 5-year-old Scottish boy who remembers in detail a past life on the island of Barra. His memories end up matching with reality making the documentary an interesting watch for people who are interested in what children remember from being reincarnated.
  9. The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes: The story of Ben Underwood is truly haunting – he had his eyes removed when he was 3 because of retinal cancer and he uses echolocation (the same thing dolphins use) in order to “see” without seeing. This is how he manages to have a normal life: he skates, he plays basketball, and gets around perfectly well.
  10. This Is the Zodiac Speaking: This is the story of the Zodiac serial killer who was never caught by the police even though he terrorized San Francisco for years.
  11. Just Melvin, Just Evil: This documentary follows the story of Melvin, a father who has abused multiple members of his families – yes, plural. It is made by one of the families’ sons who confronts him about what he did. Even though he denies it, all children have memories of him abusing them for decades.
  12. “20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes”: This documentary collects a series of unsolved mysteries, starting with the Adam Walsh case. It includes cases of missing children, kidnappings, and murders.