5 low-stress side jobs for a significant income boost

5 low-stress side jobs for a significant income boost


Looking to make some extra money in your spare time? Trying to learn or develop a new set of skills? Don’t want to deal with the amount of stress that comes with a full-time job? Then you should consider getting a side job.

FlexJobs, an online service concerned with telecommuting and remote work, has recently put together a list of high-paying side jobs, which Brie Reynolds, the director of the online service, defines as anything part time, including freelance, temporary, short- or long-term, work-from-home, or in-person flexible gigs.

Out of their list, we picked 5 most appealing jobs you might want to consider:

1. Web designer – Definitely a 21st century job. Web designers are usually responsible for the graphic-design elements of websites. They create, update, and manage web-design elements. Previous design experience is recommended, but even if you lack that, it’s not difficult to learn as you go. It usually pays over $30 an hour, according to FlexJobs.

2. Software developer – One of the most in-demand positions available nowadays, many of which offer part-time and project-based work. As a developer, you can update existing websites, create new templates, help develop new websites and apps, or other related tasks.  As with web designer jobs, previous experience in fields like computer programming might be required in some cases, but with some many online learning tools available, you can pick up that set of skills in no time. Software development also pays significantly well, with up to $30 an hour.

3. Freelance photographer – Photography side jobs require people highly-skilled in photography and who can also handle Photoshop and other related software for editing and retouching photos. This kind of job can pay up to $20 an hour, according to FlexJobs. If you’re passionate about this, though, you’ll be making a decent amount of money for doing something you really enjoy.

4. Online communications associate – A growing number of people are becoming interested in online-community management positions. Responsibilities for this type of job include updating web content, managing social media, providing system administration, writing content, and creating reports. You can do that in the comfort of your own home, while you’re being paid up to $25 an hour.

5. City-guide writer – Travel and tourism businesses often hire writers to write city guides with information about population size, shopping, recreation, culture, entertainment, things to do, climate, transit, and more. It doesn’t require previous experience, just some time for careful research. Such a project-based side job can pay up $100 per project.