6 free online courses to equal an MBA

6 free online courses to equal an MBA

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More and more people want to get an MBA nowadays – after all, this type of degree is absolutely necessary in the world of business. But it is also time consuming and leaves you with a student loan you will be struggling to pay for the next decade or so.

But you shouldn’t necessarily invest in a business school degree in order to get a business education. Laurie Pickard, founder of No-Pay MBA has created a list of 6 free online courses that she recommends you should take if you want to start your business education:

1. Project Management – everybody needs a knowledge of project management, even if they are not directly responsible with supervising anyone’s day-to-day work.

Course to try: Introduction to Project Management, University of Adelaide

2. Marketing – studying marketing can help you understand customer decision-making, product positioning, and market segmentation.

Course to try: Introduction to Marketing, University of Pennsylvania

3. Finance – one of the best qualities of MBAs is how they understand and deploy financial logic. You will learn how to read a balance sheet, interpret a cash flow statement, and use terms like ROI, NPV, and IRR.

Course to try: Corporate Finance, New York University

4. Negotiation – learn the strategies that professional negotiators use and improve your negotiation skills.

Course to try: Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, University of Michigan

5. Entrepreneurship – take a course in entrepreneurship to learn an approach to generating and testing entrepreneurial ideas and what are the initial steps of developing a business idea.

Course to try: How to Build a Startup

6. Strategy – strategy includes finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing all in one, and it will help you learn how to analyze a company’s competitive position, who are your competitors and how are you different from them, and which opportunities should your company take.

Course to try: Foundations of Business Strategy, University of Virginia

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