8 free business web tools for entrepreneurs

8 free business web tools for entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship can easily be considered a form of art. Skills and vision are surely very important, but they’re not everything. In most cases, startuppers fail not because their products are not good enough, but because they cannot generate enough consumer interest. And by now it has become a fact that consumer interest is the backbone of any successful business. Nowadays, this is facilitated by the existence of the Internet, on which you can share your content and reach people much faster than before.

Besides consumer interest, staying organized, as well as in touch with your partners or employees is just as vital to the success of your business endeavor. Time and task-management prove to be the most productive strategies not just when you’re starting up a business, but also for the entire time you’re running it.

That being said, here are some free online tools every entrepreneur – new or experienced – should resort to:

  1. Buffer – for sharing your content on social media, where you can schedule posts in bulk and put them in a queue to free up your time.
  2. Wix – provides a free service that creates beautiful website for your business, saving you the trouble of hiring someone.
  3. Kolab – a collaboration server that allows for sharing of notes, e-mail access, calendar organization, task management, address book maintenance and more.
  4. Allconferences – makes networking easier for you, by allowing you to join conferences from all over the world on your computer, at your leisure.
  5. Elance – for contracting freelancers, saving you the time you would otherwise spend selecting from a pool of applicants.
  6. Google Drive – extremely small-business friendly, it offers almost unlimited storage, as well as easy collaboration on documents and plans, all of which can make a huge difference in the rate at which your business develops.
  7. Waveapps – a fast and user-friendly accounting software that provides unlimited invoicing and expense tracking.
  8. Google Analytics – delivers information regarding the engagement and social aspects of your site, so you know in real time how your business is actually working for you.