Coffee shops all over the world are exchanging coffee for poetry

Coffee shops all over the world are exchanging coffee for poetry

Photo by Pixabay

Poetry will be the new form of currency in coffee shops all over the world for a day, announces The Guardian in an article published earlier today.

This exciting phenomenon will happen on 21 March in order to mark World Poetry Day and it will be possible in 1,280 coffee outlets around the world. So get creative and exchange a handwritten poem for a nice steaming cup of coffee!

It all started last year, when an Australian coffee roasting company announced that it will be offering a free coffee to people who hand in a poem in exchange. The enterprise was so successful that the firm has now expanded it from 23 into 34 countries.

You will be delighted to know that all the contributions received on that day will be collected and turned into an art installation in London by poet and conceptual artist Robert Montgomery.

Most of the targeted locations for this year’s event are in central and eastern Europe, but also in London, Edinburgh, the US, Canada, and Australia. In order to make it easier for you to know if you can join in and exchange your talent for a cup of coffee, here is where you can find a map of all the establishments that are participating this year.

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