Facebook ads will soon be looking quite different

Facebook ads will soon be looking quite different


On Friday, Feb. 25, Facebook announced the release of Canvas, its full-screen multimedia ad format, available to all advertisers. Canvas represents a major update in the way users will be able to view advertisements on Facebook. Chris Jones, Head of Creative Technology at Facebook Creative Shop, comments: “We made the creative community a priority when we designed and built Canvas. It’s a product that represents our commitment to creative craft and delivering the best mobile experience for businesses and people”.

Through Canvas, ads, when clicked on by smartphone users, will open a full-screen, rich media page inside the site. The new ad platform comes as a response to the fact that mobile sites have tripled in size in the past years, causing slower loading and dissatisfactory user experience. Canvas promises to be an immersive mobile ad experience on Facebook that loads nearly instantaneously.

Facebook reports that “within a Canvas, people enjoy moving through digital stories easily. They can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic images and zoom in to view images in detail, making the Canvas experience immersive and engaging in a way that mobile sites aren’t. And Canvas uses the same technology that makes photos and videos load quickly on Facebook, so it loads as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web”.

Major brands like Coca-Cola, BMW, Burberry, Target, ASUS and L’Occitane have already started using the brand new product and are finding it effective. According to Facebook, many of them are currently reporting an major increase in the clicks on their ads.

The ad platform is only one of Facebook’s latest initiative meant to move more Internet activity onto its apps. Another recent release is Instant Articlesa product designed to allow news organizations load their content directly on Facebook, for faster loading.