Finland – the country with the highest number of prison breaks

Finland – the country with the highest number of prison breaks

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According to an article published on Quartz today, the Council of Europe has released new statistics which show that Finland has the lead in the number of people who escape from prison in Europe.

One of the reasons behind this is that the country is indeed one with the most progressive “open prisons”, which means that prisoners can wander freely in the community around the prison during the day. They are free to work there, study there, shop there, and walk among the other members of that community.

One thing which prompted the opening of this type of “open prison”, as opposed to a traditional one, is the fact that the costs associated with running it are much lower, and so are the reoffending rates.

According to the statistics, about one in 10 Finnish convicts attempted to escape in 2013, which is the latest data available. This is almost double compared to the next-highest country, Belgium. The countries which follow are Switzerland, Macedonia, and the Netherlands.

What is interesting to note is that even if this number is mostly due to inmates trying to escape during their temporary leave or from open institutions, Finland’s inmates are still more prone to escaping than any others in Europe even when they are under direct supervision. For instance, 45 prisoners out of 10,000 escaped from closed prison systems in 2013 in Finland, as opposed to the second-rated Switzerland, which only had 37 such cases.

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