How to make your desk a peaceful and productive place to work

How to make your desk a peaceful and productive place to work

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Even if the messy creative genius image is romanticized in a lot of movies and television shows that we’re being exposed to, a messy work space will almost definitely hinder productivity and inspiration in real life. Luckily, Quartz magazine has published an article earlier today which could help you get organized in a way that also nourishes productivity. Here are some of the tips:

  • Take control over your work space – make sure everything you use most often is within fast reach and the things you use less are out of sight.
  • Use Japanese design principles – the phrase “richness in the bare minimum” points to the idea that you should simplify and keep your work space as clear as possible. Feng shui consultant Laura Cerrano tells Quartz that “Clutter goes beyond the aesthetic visual: it also relates to the mindset, the emotions.”
  • Buy a decent lamp – artificial overhead lighting can often not be enough. Tip: use a yellow-toned-bulb lamp, it emits a glow and a warmth that will make your work space look more inviting.
  • Balance things out – try to keep the heavier things (computer, books) on the left and the light ones (pens, sticky notes) on the right. English speakers tend to naturally move their eyes from left to right – this will give out a sense of weightlessness.
  • Avoid piles of things – use vertical file stands and also make use of other spaces which are not your desk where you can place your documents. Feng shui teacher R.D. Chin tells Quartz that you shouldn’t have files for more than two projects on your desk at once.
  • Take advantage of nature – add more natural energy to your working space: use leafy plants between your desk and the next one – they will mark the space as being yours without making co-workers feel like they can’t ever impose on you.
  • Protect your work space from food items – work and food should not mix, but if you have no other option, at least try to separate the two as best as you can. Tip: keep eating utensils in your drawer – it will make your eating experience seem less like a on-the-go one.
  • Avoid dark and monochrome things – add some color to your desk and personalize it as best as you can. It will give you motivation, enthusiasm, and inspiration.
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