Magical headband that could help you sleep?

Magical headband that could help you sleep?

Photo by Wikimedia

Exciting news for all the insomniacs out there: a new sleeping gadget called the Sleep Shepherd Blue could help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep quality is not only measured in the number of hours we sleep, but more importantly in the amount of time we spend in particular stages of sleep that are most likely to restore our energy, writes Suzy Strutner in an article published in The Huffington Post. The most important of these stages is called deep sleep, and apart from making us feel rested, it also rebuilds muscle, improves mental reactions and makes working out more effective.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue, unlike other sleep trackers which simply keep a record of the time you spent sleeping and wake you up at a specific time, uses brain-training sounds to help you get a perfect night’s sleep.

The person who started developing this device, Michael Larson, did it after he realized there was no other solution to his daughter’s sleep disorder than medicine. This project is especially designed for those who want to avoid sleep medication.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue follows the Sleep Shepherd hat and it reportedly plays binaural beats – or subtle humming noises – in order to lull you slowly to sleep by slowing down the activity in your brain.

Moreover, the headband also measures your brain waves, so if sometime during the night they are speeding up, the device will immediately play the appropriate beats to slow it back down.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue is available only on Kickstarter and the price ranges from $119 to $199, with the delivery starting next month.