Movie that predicts what life will be like when we will be...

Movie that predicts what life will be like when we will be surrounded by virtual reality

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Creative Control is the name of a new movie that is scheduled to appear on March 11, and which could answer the question of what would happen when an otherwise ordinary pair of glasses has its own operating system.

According to an article written by Graham Winfrey for Inc., the plot of the film co-written, directed, and stared in by Ben Dickinson, revolves around a young advertising creative named David, who uses augmented reality technology in order to create a customized world. However, this quickly turns into an obsession for him while he works on an ad campaign and he tests out a pair of glasses with a highly immersive VR interface.

David eventually hacks into the operating system in order to create an avatar modeled after his friend Sophie (Alexia Rasmussen) and the strange relationship they develop eventually takes over his entire life.

Dickinson doesn’t feel that the action in the movie is too far off. Quoting Inc., he says, “I think that’s the threshold of entry for an average person to be using it [the same way] they use their smartphone now.” He got part of his inspiration from what he believed the Google Glass should have been, and he even wrote a fake product manual for the glasses.

One of the most important ideas put forth by the movie is that the people who come up with new technology should not be the same people who have to figure out how to use it. Thus forms “the relationship between commerce and art that’s pretty exciting,” Dickinson says.

The writer-director-actor sees his movie as a warning as to what might happen if human experiment with new technology without taking into account how it might affect their lives.