Mystery object that came out of a black hole changes everything we...

Mystery object that came out of a black hole changes everything we knew about them

Photo by Flickr

Black holes are supposed to suck everything into them and, because of the force of gravity, never release them. This was the common belief until just recently, when NASA announced that a large object has exited a black hole.

While two of NASA’s space telescopes were examining a certain black hole, an object “launched” itself away from the middle of it, reports The Mind Unleashed in an article published on March 10. Following this, a massive flare of X-ray energy came out from the same spot, also called the “corona” of the black hole.

Fiona Harrison, main investigator for the space telescope in question (called the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array – or NuSTAR for short), declared that this is an unheard of phenomenon which challenges everything we thought we knew about black holes.

Following this event, it is for the first time ever possible to link the launching of the corona to a flare. Just a region of our galaxy used to generate a range of flares around every 10 days, number which has increased drastically this year, with almost everyday occurrences. With the help of 3 space telescopes, astronomers have been able to put together a cosmic connection to these flares.

The object that exited the black hole has recently been examined by a team of researchers who discovered that it emits a huge amount of energy, so huge that it could be compared to the entire energy emitted by the galaxy.