Possible scientific explanation for the Bermuda Triangle disappearances

Possible scientific explanation for the Bermuda Triangle disappearances

Photo by NOAA / Flickr

There have been many suppositions over the years concerning what exactly is causing the disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle: aliens, supernatural forces, even the city of Atlantis.

Even though the myth was effectively debunked in the 1970’s, it keeps on living in the public imagination, and now, a Norwegian team may be able to answer some questions related to this tropical area of ocean.

The researchers from the Arctic University of Norway were studying craters on the floor of the Barents Sea when they started speculating that what they were observing could possibly bring some answers to the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

In these 150 feet deep and half a mile wide craters, methane gas is believed to have exploded, which could effectively harm humans in that area. As researchers suspect, methane may have leaked out of deposits of gas and oil below the ocean floor, pulling ships into the depths while bubbling to the surface and erupting.

There is no concrete evidence yet that this phenomenon is also occurring in the Bermuda Triangle, but it isn’t the first time that researchers have connected methane and myths. Russian researchers also believed that gas hydrates could be causing strange activity in the respective area.

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