Tips to help you add more space to your home

Tips to help you add more space to your home

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We know it’s hard to find space in your house for all the stuff that you own. Especially if your house consists of a small bedroom and an even smaller kitchen/bathroom. Not to mention the fact that due to lack of organization, things are never where you think you left them. We’re here to share some tips and tricks with you, which hopefully will help you add some extra space in your home.

1. Add some trays under your sink – they will help you make use of all that back space that is usually so hard to reach.

2. Add some extra shelves on the back of your cupboards’ doors – this way you double the space inside of it.

3. Same thing goes for your closet – by adding extra shelves to the doors you make us of all the free space available.

4. We are all familiar with the fact that some cupboards are taller than other, which makes all that extra space above your glasses (for instance) go to waste. But no more – add a tray divider and store another round of glasses above it.

5. Look around for any blank spaces in your home – you can easily add some open shelves and make everyday items more easily accessible.

6. Remove the kick boards underneath your cabinets and use that space for extra storage.

7. We all have stuff we don’t use all the time in the kitchen. For those things, it might be useful to store them in some baskets above your shelves.

8. If you have really thin empty spaces which have absolutely no function, just add some slide-out storage.

9. There’s definitely a mirror in your bathroom – why don’t you carve out a small space inside the wall and cover it with the mirror? You will get yourself a nice medicine cabinet.

10. Invest is some storage benches – think of all the extra space with the added bonus of some extra seating too.

11. Add chains to your hangers and you will have more layers of clothes going all the way down to the floor of your closet.

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