Uber linked to a 10% drop in DUIs

Uber linked to a 10% drop in DUIs

Photo by Mark Warner / flickr

As Uber is becoming available in more and more cities around the world, it is not wrong to deduce that it has a positive influence on DUI rates. The ride-sharing platform provides a safe, affordable alternative to drunk driving, which runs around $10,000 for a first offense, includes a victim impact panel, online DUI school, attorney & court fees as well as a suspended license.

Such assumptions are confirmed by research studies on the matter, such as this one shared by Temple University, according to which with access to cheap ride sharing services, drinkers were more likely to choose that service than drive home while drunk, avoiding a DUI.

For the purpose of further confirming such assumptions, Uber itself conducted an econometric study focused on the city of Seattle, as an example city with the most readily available data. After testing the “Uber effect” in Seattle, they reported: “We estimate that the entrance of Uber in Seattle caused the number of arrests for DUI to decrease by more than 10%. These results are robust and statistically significant”. Uber looked at drunk driving data from arrests made public by police departments in San Francisco and Seattle.

Inspired by the positive results of this study, Uber then looked at more and more cities across the U.S., such as Miami and Chicago, and found results that fit the previously established pattern. They concluded by saying that the “study and survey provide strong evidence that Uber is having a meaningful and positive impact on mindsets and the rate of drunk driving. Our mission isn’t complete, but we are making progress together toward the goal of reliable rides and safer roads for everyone. This is the future we are working toward: one in which more people in more cities around the nation are empowered with more options that lead to better, safer choices”.