What are the most powerful driving licenses in the world?

What are the most powerful driving licenses in the world?


We’ve recently seen a top of the world’s most powerful passports, where Germany ranked first, giving its citizens visa-free access to 177 countries. Now let’s see some of the most powerful driving licenses in the world.

Some countries allow drivers to exchange their licenses with no extra tests required, but others demand drivers to take another test to get their new license.

Recent research ranks countries based on their driving license permissions. The data, collected by ComparetheMarket.com, and available in the form of an interactive map, contains information on licenses in 22 countries. By clicking around the map you can check how powerful each nation’s native license is and also pick up useful tips for driving on foreign soil.

According to the study, the UK and France are joint first, as their driving licenses have the least restrictions when driving in other countries. UK drivers are able to drive through Sweden, Italy and Spain with their native driver’s license, without having to go through any further regulatory tests.

In Finland, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand, a British license is valid for 12 months, which is perfect for someone traveling to those countries on a holiday, however extended. At the end of that period, Britons are required to exchange their license, but no further testing is necessary. The same rule applies in Canada and Russia, only for those countries, the switch to a local license is compulsory after six months.

Further down the list we find Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Italy and Spain. US driving licenses ranked 9th in the top created by ComparetheMarket.com. For them, the only country available to visit without driving license restrictions is Sweden.