Why a spring clean for your studies is good for you

Why a spring clean for your studies is good for you


You’re probably hearing about spring cleaning everywhere now: on television, online, in magazines and so on. In all articles and news reports, you are advised to freshen things up in your life, starting with the clutter in your house and ending with the clutter in your body and mind, or viceversa. All such tips are great, for any effective spring clean should start with your body (healthy diet, exercise, meditation) and your workspace.

But what about your studies? Turns out you can apply spring cleaning to them as well. But just how can you do that effectively? Like I said, staying healthy and fit is key – exercise in particular will give you more energy and help you concentrate much easier.

Get a grip on your timetable –  look for study planning apps, they can be very helpful here. Don’t become a slave to the schedule, though. If you organize your time wisely, and be sure to include downtime as well, you’ll avoid getting stressed and you’ll remain focused.

Megan Sharratt, a BA student in marketing and advertising at the University of Derby, says she can only put fingers to keyboard after a complete de-clutter of bedroom and car. And many agree that space is very important in the process of learning – a de-cluttered workspace can boost your productivity significantly. Also, take time to figure out what kind of space works best for you – you may prefer the privacy of your room, the campus or the public library, just to name a few.

Finally, as I previously mentioned, a de-cluttered mind is just as important as everything else you’re focusing on in your spring clean. Pippa Richards, a psychology student at UWE Bristol, uses mindfulness techniques to help her work: “I try to accept all my thoughts, from positivity to stress, and relax my body and mind. This is done though meditation and general focus on the present. After which I feel much more able to study”. Therefore, don’t forget to include a mental spring clean while you’re at it.