5 side jobs to help you pay the bills and earn some...

5 side jobs to help you pay the bills and earn some extra money

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Whether you are a struggling 20-something college student or a full-on working adult, everyone can be looking for some extra money to have for fun weekend activities. Here are 5 jobs you can do to earn cash on the side:

  1. Participate in studies and online surveys: all you need for this is to think, point, and click. It can be repeated numerous times and help you earn some cash – there are some services that pay money for you to complete surveys online in your spare time. The sum you receive can differ from change to up to $20, and you can find some of these services by using an app that helps you connect to them, or just going on Google.
  2. Do some odd jobs: maybe you are naturally skilled at things such as organizing shelves or assembling furniture. You would be surprised how many people are willing to pay for someone to run their errands. You can check Craigslist or TaskRabbit in order to find stuff to do which appeal to your inner worker.
  3. Get to freelancing: especially if you have a major in arts and not a clean-cut career track, freelancing might be the path for you. There are plenty of freelancing jobs out there, and even if they won’t get you that much money, it will allow you to make enough to go out on a Friday night.
  4. Walk some dogs: walking dogs comes with a respectable fee and the added bonus of walking dogs, of course. People who work from 9 to 5 are your target audience, and it is a win win situation – they get peace of mind knowing their dog is in the right hands and you get to go outside for a few hours and maybe get some exercise too.
  5. Donate blood plasma: it may sound icky, but it’s the same as donating blood to the Red Cross. If you are in a decent shape and have no diseases or ailments, you can get payed for donating your plasma. Plus, think about it, you would be helping patients with clotting issues in their system.
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