5 tips on how to turn your coffee into a superfood

5 tips on how to turn your coffee into a superfood


We know your morning coffee is a superhero all by itself, but what if you could give it even more powers so it can help you get through even the most hectic days? Making food – or drinks –  into medicine by simply working healthy alternatives into your routine recipes is a wise way to avoid remembering to choke down any pills and feel better from the very start of your day.

So here are some tips on what you can add to your coffee for added benefits:

Himalayan Salt
Just a pinch of it can help to absorb the anti oxygens released by the coffee beans and will leave you feeling less dehydrated after your warm brew.

This spice is bursting with electrolytes, contains vitamin C, iron, fiber and other medicinal properties. It is said to fight depression and cancer, as well as help with digestive problems. What’s more, the smell and taste are exquisite  – you might not be able to go back to regular coffee after adding cardamom.

Coconut Oil
This fatty brain food is an anti-microbial that doesn’t hurt the good cells as well. The best kind is the least processed – organic and cold pressed. The benefits are numerous: energy boost, better nutrition absorption, pain relief, weight loss and more.

A particular kind of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, is shown to help with moods, weight loss, blood pressure, gut health, pain, oral health and more.

Raw Cacao Powder
Raw cacao has minerals like magnesium and iron, flavonoids and antioxidants said to help prevent cancer and increase cardiovascular health. A little goes a long way.