6 things you should never sacrifice for your job

6 things you should never sacrifice for your job

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Even if – normally – we should stop focusing on work related issues when we are home or in vacation, research shows the actual level of connection between the individual and his or her work is higher than it should be. This keeps us in a constant state of stress which is extremely bad for our health and personal life. Setting boundaries is important, and the following 6 items on our list are items that should be only yours and of primary importance:

  1. Your health: As we’ve already established, stress, lack of sleep, and a sedentary workplace can all contribute to a decline in your health. What you should do is not let things catch you by surprise – keep a constant routine that helps you be healthy. Stick to your plan no matter what!
  2. Your family: Even if your job is helping you support your family, try not to sacrifice time spent with them for it. A lack of quality time with the family can be extremely damaging for your future relationship.
  3. Your sanity: No job should take portions of your sanity – no matter how small. In order to keep yourself sane, try to live your life outside of work – go out with friends instead of putting in more hours at work, for instance.
  4. Your identity: You should not let yourself be completely defined by your work – there are other things that make up who you are! Having an identity outside of work helps you relieve stress, avoid burnout, and grow as a person.
  5. Your contacts: They are a product of your own work and effort and it is important to realize that you don’t owe them to your employer. You can chose to share them, but you don’t have to.
  6. Your integrity: When what you believe in and what you actually do are not the same thing anymore, then you should know you have to put an end to this and stop sacrificing your integrity because of your work.
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