7 reasons why you should buy an adult coloring book immediately

7 reasons why you should buy an adult coloring book immediately

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Adult coloring books are the new trend and we’re loving it! Coloring reduces stress levels and relaxes your brain, plus – it’s really fun. If you don’t have an adult coloring book already, we advise you to go purchase one right now. And here’s why:

  1. Coloring has been prescribed to psychiatrists’ patients for years: Carl Jung himself asked his patients to color mandalas (which you can still find today) as part of their therapy.
  2. Coloring gives you a chance to be social: You might say that coloring is more of a solo activity – and you would be right. But with the increasing popularity of this activity, coloring parties have become an actual thing. They include wine sipping, socializing, and – of course – coloring.
  3. Coloring reduces stress and anxiety: When you’re coloring, the fear center in your brain relaxes, and so do you. Plus, the effects are not only in the moment, this activity can reduce your stress overall too.
  4. Coloring trains your brain to focus: You have to focus to stay inside the lines, but not so much that it becomes too stressful. When you are focusing on coloring you also forget your worries and live in the moment by putting everything else aside.
  5. Coloring lets you be you: Your coloring book is private and you don’t have to show it to anyone. This means you can color however you want to color and not follow any particular rules if you don’t want to.
  6. Coloring helps your motor skills and vision: When you’re coloring, the two hemispheres of your brain are communicating. The action of coloring involves both logic and creativity, which incorporate both vision and motor skills.
  7. Coloring is free decoration: Once you’re done with your coloring book you can use it for some easy crafts, such as wall decor or decoupage.
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