8 free apps that can replace a personal assistant

8 free apps that can replace a personal assistant

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano / Flickr

Nowadays you don’t need an actual assistant to handle your schedule and take care of certain everyday tasks, you can just download an app which will do that free of charge. Here are 8 of the best apps that will help you get organized and accomplish daily tasks faster:

  1. 24me – this app brings together your calendar, reminders, notes, social networks, utilities, and so on, and it reminds you of what you have to do and when. It also has its own gift shop – in case you need to make a last-minute purchase, and a voice-activated task list to make your life even easier.
  2. Assistant.ai – this app is available in multiple languages and on multiple platforms and it can search for information, send emails and texts, translate, and even navigate for you. And you don’t even have to open the app.
  3. Cortana – this is Windows Mobile’s virtual assistant, and it is also available for Android or Apple users. It has features such as allowing you to set reminders to ask someone something the next time they call, or keeping track of your interests so that it can give you better recommendations.
  4. Dragon Mobile Assistant – this is an app only available for Android users and it does things such as switch to hands-free and eyes-free mode when you’re driving and read you your messages and notifications, and also find your nearby contacts.
  5. EasilyDo – this app is focused on communications and it allows you to customize your email notifications, back up important messages, organize your contacts, have junk and expired emails automatically deleted, and collect all attachments into one location.
  6. Google Now – this virtual PA predicts what you need before you even know you need it. It will give you information about traffic for your morning commute or keep track of your parking locations. It also has the ability to communicate directly with many of your other apps.
  7. Hound – this is a fairly new app that it is regarded as the fastest and most intelligent app of its kind. For example, it can already recognize natural speech such as: “Show me hotels in Austin that have free Wi-Fi, a gym, and cost less than $200.”
  8. Indigo – this app has a simple interface, it can be launched with a simple swipe up from the home button, and when it opens it greets you with your upcoming appointments. It can also give you extremely fast access to your personal FAQs and most-used tasks.