Could “content librarian” be one of the hot new jobs in 2016?

Could “content librarian” be one of the hot new jobs in 2016?

Photo by Pixabay

According to a recent Accenture Interactive survey, 50% of marketers have more content than they can manage. Which means we are about to witness the creation of a new and very hot job title starting with late 2016: the content librarian. A job of organizing, labeling, and managing content.

Many brands are facing the following situation now:

      • They create between 5 and 10 pieces of new social/online content per week
      • They store photos they use for social content in a variety of places from shared drives to computers to various Dropbox accounts
      • They have vendors who own and store video content for their brand
      • They have other vendors or software tools that house employee-advocacy-based content

The main idea is that content is everywhere, spread across different internal drives and files, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts, and vendors. And no one is actually paying much attention to this because this is nobody’s job – teams have little to no time to spend on content organization and management.

This is where the content librarian comes in to file, label, and organize your content – to make sure it’s located in a central spot where multiple employees and teams can access it, to make sure it’s labeled correctly so employees can find it easily, and to make sure it is organized effectively.

Now, who is actually qualified to do this job? Does it really require a refined skill set? The answer would probably be “no”. Many PRs are already hyper-organized and capable of taking on this job.

This job doesn’t really exist yet, but when it will, it will be interesting to see who will start applying for it and what the requirements will be.