Facebook plans on releasing its own camera app, to boost photo sharing

Facebook plans on releasing its own camera app, to boost photo sharing


Due to an increasingly passive behavior of its users, Facebook is now set on creating a standalone camera app to rekindle their interest in sharing photos as opposed to just checking other people’s stories. The app, now in its early stages of development, will reportedly support live streaming, besides normal photos and videos, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Just last year, the tech-oriented website The Information tells us, leaders at Facebook convened to address the issue of decline in original sharing. The website also reports that by mid-2015 original sharing of personal stories was down 21% from the previous year — with the trend pronounced among users under the age of 30.

The social media platform has been making a lot of changes to engage more users, help their business development and accommodate their particular needs.

It introduced the nostalgia-inducing feature “On this day” that shows you everything you shared on Facebook on a given date every day in the last years. Back in 2014, it briefly included a disappearing-picture app, similar to Snapchat, called Slingshot, but the feature was not popular enough to be preserved.

More recently, WSJ reports, Facebook bought video-sharing app MSQRD, which lets users enhance videos through filters and offers the ability to “swap” faces with others in the picture. Snapchat has a similar feature in its main app.