The McDonald’s of the future

The McDonald’s of the future

Photo by Danielk2 / Wikimedia Commons

A new McDonald’s in Missouri offers customers a computerized ordering platform, couches, and warm colors – and absolutely no reason to be health conscious whatsoever, writes Alex Mierjeski for attn.

The company is advertising the so called McDonald’s of the future, where customers will be able to eat as many fries as they can starting in July. They will also be able to order hundreds of varieties of customizable burgers and desserts without waiting in line, because of the new table service that will be implemented.

This new location is a franchise, so it mostly operates independently from the McDonald’s corporate mothership. Anyway, they are giving people what they want. As it turns out, the wraps – which were an attempt to have younger and healthier diners – have been phased out since last summer, as “a lot of people who eat at restaurants aren’t interested in health and wellness” according to industry analyst Jack Russo.

This McDonald’s is to be a lot different from the classic ones, which tend to have rock hard chairs, and interiors that pay homage to how the chain looked in the 1950s and 1960s. Moreover, it is one of the latest examples of the company trying to improve its image by using technology to bolster customer service. More McDonald’s are being remodeled this year, with some of the enhancements being the addition of side-by-side drive thrus and digital menu boards.