There is a Chrome extension that nags you into getting off Facebook

There is a Chrome extension that nags you into getting off Facebook

Photo by Pixabay

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on Facebook every day? It is a known fact that the app is taking a big chunk of time away from our lives, with users spending an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Which brings us to a total of 304 hours a year spent per person on Facebook platforms. But not to worry, there is a new extension available for Google Chrome desktop users called Focusbook, which aims to help you overcome your addiction.

Every time you go on Facebook, the extension asks you the purpose of your visit, which you have to put in the its status bar – maybe you are stalking someone’s profile or writing on someone’s wall. A blue popup bar will remind you to stay on task and get off Facebook after you’re done with it. If this is not enough to make you close the window, the blue bar will start creeping downward, occupying a large amount of your screen. Eventually it will occupy it all and you will be forced to leave Facebook.

Giving up the constant use of social media is definitely a challenge for many of us, and maybe being constantly asked what we’re doing on Facebook will make us reevaluate this addiction. If this extension is not enough for you, there are plenty others that help you limit web distractions.