What would happen to your body if you didn’t drink water every...

What would happen to your body if you didn’t drink water every day?

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Apart from quenching our thirst and keeping us hydrated, water is one of the most vital substances for our body and the issue of how much water one should normally drink should not be taken lightly. Not getting enough water can seriously compromise our health, proven by the fact that we can survive weeks without food, but only five to seven days without water.

Mitchell Moffit and Greggory Brown from AsapSCIENCE recently released a video explaining what would happen to our bodies if we stopped drinking water. They explained that the reason why we need water is that it is the most abundant molecule that makes up 65% of the body of an adult. “As the universal solvent, it carries nutrients and hormones to the body, regulates body temperature, cushions the joints, and provides lubricants in our eyes.” Consequently, it is essential for our body to replace the liquid we eliminate daily.

If you completely deplete your body of fluids, your brain will detect this and create the urge to drink immediately. The initial signs of dehydration include dry mouth, followed by dark urine with a strong odor, which signals the body’s attempt to conserve fluids.

After one of two days with no fluids, we stop peeing, have trouble swallowing, suffer from muscle spasms, and experience nausea. Victims later become delirious and begin to suffer from severe brain function. The blood flow stops flowing to the skin, reduces heat loss, increases cork body temperature, and gives us a bluish tint. Within three to five days, our organs and brain shut down.

This is why it is essential to keep our bodies hydrated – especially with pure H2O. NASA has already figured out how to turn urine into clean water, and more efforts should be made to provide availability to clean water for all.

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