Which are the world’s most bike-friendly cities?

Which are the world’s most bike-friendly cities?


Across the globe, many metropolises are putting a lot of effort into improving conditions for people who prefer bikes over other means of urban transportation. And it’s only natural they should do so, since bikes are as eco-friendly as a vehicle can be nowadays.

With that in mind, let’s see what are some of the cities that do a great job at offering cyclists proper conditions for moving around the city easily? Since 2011, Copenhagenize Design Company has analysed cities’ efforts to improve bikeability, taking into account a variety of factors including advocacy, infrastructure, social acceptance and modal share in order to create a biennial bike-friendly city index.

“The rankings are based on data from the parameters, but we add added bonus points for things such as political will.[Parameters] plus expertise provides a more ‘now’ vision of what’s happening in a city, not just data,” says Mikael Colville-Andersen, chief executive of the company.

In 2015, Copenhagenize looked at 122 cities with a population above 600,000, with some exceptions of less populated but with a national significance like Malmo and Ljubljana. The Danish capital itself ranked first in the index, with Amsterdam and Utrecht coming in close second and third. Copenhagen claimed Amsterdam’s spot at the top this year.

The Danish capital can also boast 5.2 bikes for every car in the city, and bonus points were awarded for the sustained investment in cycle infrastructure, including the new cycle “superhighway” designed to connect residents of surrounding areas to the capital.