You can fix your sleep schedule with magnesium, a new study shows

You can fix your sleep schedule with magnesium, a new study shows


New research shows that there might be a key mineral, able to help our cells maintain the circadian rhythm – the one that regulates sleep, wake time, hormones and body temperature – regardless of external factors, such as artificial light from our electronic devices. Artificial light plays a far larger role in when and how poorly we fall asleep than most of us might think.

study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and published earlier this month suggests that magnesium, found in nuts, fish and dark leafy greens, can be very successful in fixing our sleep. As we go about our day, our magnesium levels fluctuate. That’s due to the fact that magnesium plays a huge role in how cells convert nutrients into energy around the clock.

That magnesium helps turn food into energy is a known fact, but this new study shows that it also controls when and how efficiently the conversion takes place. Basically, your magnesium intake accounts for your high energy levels when you want to go for a run early in the day, but also for you falling asleep on the couch soon after it gets dark out in the evening.

“Internal clocks are fundamental to all living things. They influence many aspects of health and disease in our own bodies, but equally in crop plants and micro-organisms. It is now essential to find out how these fundamentally novel observations translate to whole tissue or organisms, to make us better equipped to influence them in complex organisms for future medical and agricultural purposes”, said Dr Gerben van Ooijen, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences, who led the study.

The great thing about this discovery is that by eating more magnesium-rich foods, you can take control of your circadian rhythm and fix your sleep schedule. And there are many foods to choose from, besides the ones mentioned above, such as dark chocolate, avocados, bananas and many others.