10 surprising facts about the human body

10 surprising facts about the human body


As long as we make conscious efforts to take care of our bodies and live healthy, odds are that they will be able to serve us well for a long time. Our bodies are truly extraordinary systems, capable of a large number of both amazing and weird things, many of which we’re not even aware of. Here are 10 of them:

Our brains:

  • Our brains operate on only 10 watts of power. The amazing living computers we carry on our shoulders all our lives require just that little power to function.
  • Higher IQs are linked to more dreams. It is proven that that more intelligent people have more dreams, and also more complex ones. More than that, a higher IQ is reportedly a useful tool against mental illness.
  • Our brains are more active during the night. If you thought they would active when the rest of our bodies are active – during the day – you were wrong. They are significantly more active at night, while we sleep.
  • Your brain can create inner noises by itself. Sounds weird, but exploding head syndrome is a real thing. People that suffer from this often hear loud imagined noises  or experience an explosive feeling when falling asleep or waking up.

Our senses:

  • You thought only bats, dolphins and whales use echolocation, right? Surprisingly enough, we do too. Humans can use sound to sense objects around them. It is thought that the blind are even more effective in using this ability that the non-visually impaired.


  • Babies’ teeth start growing before their birth. Although we only start see teeth emerging months after we’re born, they actually start growing six months before our birth.

Our body functions: 

  • Our sneezes can exceed 100 mph (around 160 km/h). So by all means, try not to suppress your sneeze, for it can cause serious internal damage to your body.

Our muscoskeletal system: 

  • Our bones can self-destruct, if our calcium intake is not enough to keep them strong.
  • We use up to 200 muscles when we take a single step. A simple walk in the park uses a lot of muscle power, no wonder it can leave us feeling tired at the end of it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely beneficial for our health.

Useless body parts: 

  • While I think you might have heard about unnecessary body parts such as wisdom teeth, the appendix and most body hair, you might not know about the male uterus. Yes, you read that right. Men have the remains of an undeveloped female reproductive organ hanging on one side of their prostate gland.