4 reasons working from home is totally overrated

4 reasons working from home is totally overrated

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It’s a good thing to have the option of working from home (when possible). But that doesn’t mean you should work from your couch all the time. There are some benefits of going to the office too, and here’s 4 of them:

  1. You get to see your friends: maybe you’ve made some really great friends at the office. Think about it, if you go to work you can grab coffee together, celebrate each other’s birthdays over lunch, or even hit up some group fitness class together. There is a special type of bond that you can form with your colleagues that you just can’t with people outside the company. You can form a strong social support network with them and not miss that face-to-face interaction – which you would if you’d be working from home.
  2. You have a better desk set-up at the office: it’s not that easy turning your home into a working space. Maybe you don’t want to sacrifice any of the extra space by turning it into an office rather than something else. Then why not take advantage of what your employer is providing you with?
  3. You can disconnect more easily: when you leave the office, you can actually leave work, not take your laptop with you, and not check the work email until the next day. Tip: remove the work email on your phone, it’s gonna make it a lot easier for you to disconnect and not be tempted to check it all the time.
  4. You’re much more active: you start your day going to work, either by walking to the metro, taking a bike, or some other means of transportation. Starting the day off with some movement will make you feel physically fit and mentally healthy. Plus, think about all the bopping around you do at work, whether you are going upstairs to get more coffee, or chasing a co-worker for some advice. When you work from home, you have everything you need in less that 20 steps away, and that is not good for your physical health.
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