5 smart ways to work less, yet get more done

5 smart ways to work less, yet get more done


Whether you’re working at home or at a company, it often happens that you don’t even get to wrap up a day’s work on time – be that the time you’ve set for yourself or that your employer has. You know you’re working a lot, exhausting yourself even day after day, but with few quantifiable results or none at all.

This is common and quite dangerous as well, as overworking can easily lead to the burnout syndrome, which you can read all about in this article of ours. The solution in this case is to work less, but more efficiently. So here’s how you can be smart about it:

1. Stop multitasking

Many people believe strongly that multi-tasking is the most efficient way to get more work done in less time. Science, however, disagrees. A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University reveals that multitasking is a far less productive approach than focus on one given task at a time. The solution is simple, choose one task, the one you consider the most important, give it your time and your full attention and you’ll get a lot more (and more meaningful) work done.

2. Take breathers and engage in daily meditation

This goes hand in hand with the tip above. If you want to stay focused and keep your memory sharp, consider meditation. It’s a proven method to not only enhance productivity, but also memory and reasoning.

3. Don’t let your work take over your life

This is so important. When you’re deeply invested in a challenging project or you’re working your way up to a promotion, it’s easy to ignore everything else that’s going on in your life. This is dangerous, not only because it might cause serious health problems, but it might also harm your personal relationships. The most productive people are those who don’t always focus on work, Stew Friedman writes for Harvard Business Review. Just like machines, we need breaks, time for recharging, so we can best carry out our tasks.

4. Figure out during what time of the day you are most productive

Knowing the answer to this question is key for optimizing your work throughout the day. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Depending on which of the two you are, your schedule permitting of course, try to save the hard work for when you know you’ll be most productive.

5. Have fun, both at work and outside 

You’re maybe wondering what has fun got to do with the rest of the tips in this article. Well, if you’re not already aware, having fun is key to staying productive, motivated and creative. Also sane, when your work is driving you nuts.