8 ways to hide the fact that you’re nervous

8 ways to hide the fact that you’re nervous

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We may plan ahead as much as we want, there are moments in life when we can’t escape the feeling of extreme nervousness, when we get that adrenaline rush and we feel like our stomach is turning upside down. The physiological symptoms can be many and extremely uncomfortable: we begin to sweat, our cheeks flush, we develop nervous tics, and so on. These reactions are perfectly normal, even though they are unsettling and embarrassing. But if we were to choose, we’d all like to be able to calm ourselves and get through any situation no matter how nervous we are. Here are 8 great ways to hide our nervousness:

  1. Breathe: when you’re nervous, your normal breathing pattern is disrupted, which leads to shallow and irregular breathing, and ultimately to a fainting sensation. Take a few deep breaths – they will help you relax.
  2. Don’t admit it: this will bring the focus fully on you and whatever is happening to your body when you are nervous.
  3. Speak slowly: when we are nervous, we tend to speak much too quickly. Make a point of speaking slowly, and even if it sounds too slow to you, those who are listening will probably think it is just right.
  4. Relax your body: purposefully try to relax and calm your body’s nervous reactions. Try to sit up straight, but in a relaxed way, not too rigid, and make sure your feet and hands are calm and relaxed. The muscles of your face should also be relaxed so that you don’t look like you’re frowning or you’re worried.
  5. Maintain eye contact: when you fail to do so it is like you’re screaming “I’m nervous”. Don’t robotically stare – it’s okay to look away sometimes, but keep consistent eye contact.
  6. Ask a question: this will shift the attention on the other person when you are too nervous and can’t get your thoughts out. It will give you time to calm down and collect your thoughts so that you can articulate what you’re trying to say.
  7. Be yourself: you are fine just the way you are, and you should be aware that everything might not go perfectly, and that mistakes can be made. That’s okay, you’re human – let the conversation flow naturally.
  8. Still struggling? – if you have tried everything and you are still nervous, you should turn that nervousness into excitement. Instead of being nervous and saying you’re nervous, be excited and say you’re excited – this fake it till you make it effect actually works. By channeling your nervous feelings into excitement, you tend to focus on positive outcomes instead of all the things that could go wrong.
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