Junk food companies are employing unlikely, yet smart strategies to survive

Junk food companies are employing unlikely, yet smart strategies to survive


As people all over the world are becoming increasingly more invested in health and nutrition and more conscious about their intake of junk food, some junk food companies are worried about imminent bankruptcy. So they are coming up with strategies to trick customers into continuing to purchase their products.

One such strategy is employed by Mars Foods, a subgroup of the chocolate giant Mars Company, that is trying to regain its consumers’ trust by encouraging them to eat and thus buy less junk food.

The company announced in April that it would offer their customers guidance on which products can be consumed daily and which can only be eaten occasionally.

Such strategy may seem to run counterintuitive to the company’s business interests, but the reverse psychology they’re using is actually quite effective.

They’re also not alone in this endeavor. Soda giants Coke and Pepsi are employing a savvy trick: they’re cutting on the size of the packaging to get points from nutrition and anti-obesity advocates. And it seems to be working, too, as they are reportedly making more money selling smaller bottles than big ones.

Also, Mars Foods as well as Nestlé, publicly announced that they would be cutting sodium from their products, in an attempt to support the FDA’s efforts to release new sodium targets.

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