Erdoğan declares 3-month state of emergency following the failed coup

Erdoğan declares 3-month state of emergency following the failed coup


Turkish president Recep Erdoğan declared yesterday a 3 months long state of emergency in Turkey, as a response to last week’s failed coup carried out by a rebel group within the military. He spoke at live broadcast address following a meeting with the National Security Council in Ankara.

Under this emergency measure, the Turkish president and his ministers are allowed to bypass the parliament in passing new laws, as well as limit or suspend any right and freedoms, Reuters explains. This is the reason why Erdoğan’s decision has caused a backlash among Turkish citizens and not only.

Some people fear Erdoğan is not acting in the best interests of his country and that he is well on his way to become a dictator.  Dr. Maged Botros, professor of political science at Helwan University, Greater Cairo, shared his opinion with Reuters: “Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire … so internally he needs a very tight grip on the country, on the state, on the branches of government.”

“This is a move beyond repair, this is a divided country, a state of fear. He divided his nation. He’s playing his last card – to get it all or lose it all”, Botros added.

For the past week, the purge that Erdoğan set in motion has affected judiciary officials, civil servants, law enforcement and education workers and led to tens of thousands losing their jobs.