German churches now offer “Godspot” aka free wifi hotspots for all churchgoers

German churches now offer “Godspot” aka free wifi hotspots for all churchgoers


By God’s will or not, a group of evangelical Protestant churches in east Germany announced last month their plans to provide free and secure internet in 3,000 churches and other places of worship throughout the region. The service is called very intuitively “Godspot” and is already up and running in over 200 churches.

The free hotspots will be available to all who come by or near the places of worship, including the large community of atheists that currently exits in Germany, reports Quartz.

The service is inaugurated as a form of commemoration for 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s protest of corrupt practices by the Catholic clergy, which led to the Protestant Reformation.

“Godspot” is ultimately a strategic move to lure more young people back into Germany’s largely underutilized majestic cathedrals and other places of worships.

Fabian Blatner, IT manager for EKBO, the company that provides “Godspot”, believes that “people are no less spiritual than before, but the places of communication have shifted. Much takes place in digital social networks and communities. With Godspot we want to build a Protestant Church [that serves as] a safe and familiar abode in the digital world.”

The service also comes as a blessing for tourists that face a challenge trying to find free wifi hotspots across German cities. Perhaps this is an important step into unlocking the huge yet so far untapped potential of wifi in Germany.