Shots fired in a shopping center in Munich

Shots fired in a shopping center in Munich

Photo by Marc Mueller / Getty Images

Latest news from the German authorities confirm that several people have been wounded and killed in a shooting at a shopping mall in the center of Munich on Friday evening. At least three people are reported dead by the Bavarian interior ministry in what police describes as a “shooting rampage”, writes Charlotte Alfred for The Huffington Post.

It is not yet clear if there was one or multiple shooters, but witnesses reported three gunmen.

A wide area around the Munich Olympia shopping center has been closed off and people are asked to stay indoors, since a large police operation is underway.

An unidentified witness – employee at the mall in question – told Reuters that the staff were still hiding in the storage room, continuing “Many shots were fired, I can’t say how many but it’s been a lot. All the people from outside came streaming into the store and I only saw one person on the ground who was so severely injured that he definitely didn’t survive.”

A lot of people who witnessed the entire thing posted pictures and videos on social media of people fleeing the scene and police operating in the area.

The authorities also close several bus, train, and tram lines in the city, as they are still hunting for the suspects.