Sikh bikers ride thousands of miles to raise money for cancer awareness

Sikh bikers ride thousands of miles to raise money for cancer awareness

Photo by Falcon® Photography / Flickr

Some of Canada’s Sikh motorcycle enthusiasts teamed up and hit the road together this month in order to help raise money for pediatric cancer awareness. The Sikh Motorcycle Club based in British Columbia rode for two weeks and covered more than 7,000 miles, managing to raise over $60,000 on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society.

About 24 bikers were part of the action and they switched off riding on about 12 different motorcycles. They started their journey on July 2 from Vancouver and stopped in Montreal, covering a route of 7,456 miles through Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

But the conditions were not always easy. One of the bikers, Charnjit Dhadda told CTV News Vancouver, “We had some thunderstorms, and it started hailing… But then we thought about those kids that are in need, that need that money and so that gave us energy and we kept fighting through it”.

More than 70 individuals and groups donated in support of their initiative, which raised a total of $61,194 for the cancer society, which will be used to organize efforts to fund research, prevention initiatives, and assist those who are fighting the battle against cancer.

One of the regional directors of the Canadian Cancer Society, Allan Mugford, said that “This is a totally committed and passionate group of community members”.

Check out the clip on The Huffington Post to find out more details about the ride.

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