The next iPhone update will help you save lives

The next iPhone update will help you save lives

Photo by Pixabay

Apple has a great announcement for the people who will update their iPhones to the new iOS 10 to be released this fall: one of the very special features included will be the possibility of registering as an organ donor straight from your device’s built-in Health app.

The app is already extremely useful for first responders, as you can include information such as existing medical conditions, allergies, prescription, or emergency contact information.

But once the new iOS 10 gets released, Apple and Donate Life America say, the app will allow you to sign up as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

The sign-up process will only take a few taps, after which the information will be sent to the national Donate Life registry. This makes it much easier to sign up for organ donation, which is a great idea. Moreover, this new update could help increase donations for minority populations which are in desperate need of them.

However, if you’re really interested in donating, you can also register online right now.

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