Turkish PM Yildirim is interested in mending ties with Syria

Turkish PM Yildirim is interested in mending ties with Syria


Turkey has long upheld that regional peace can only be achieved through Bashar al-Assad’s (Syrian president) resignation. Since that hasn’t happened, now Turkish PM Binali Yildirim has expressed his intention of working to develop good ties with Syria, as a way to counteract the spreading plague of terrorism.

This is not the first measure of its kind to be taken by Turkey. The country has also moved to resolve rifts with both Russia and Israel, BBC reports. Now Yildirim intends to mend diplomatic ties with Syria as well, ties which were severed after the Syrian conflict began in 2011

As the Turkish PM himself admitted live on television, “it is our greatest and irrevocable goal: developing good relations with Syria and Iraq, and all our neighbours that surround the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.”

“We normalised relations with Russia and Israel. I’m sure we will normalise relations with Syria as well. For the fight against terrorism to succeed, stability needs to return to Syria and Iraq”, he added.

Yildirim’s new initiative feels like a breath of fresh air at a time of great political instability in the country. Only in the past two years, Turkey has been the target of more than four terrorist attacks carried out by ISIL.