4 ways to avoid food poisoning on your summer travels

4 ways to avoid food poisoning on your summer travels


The vacation you’ve been waiting for all year long is finally here. The last thing you want is for health problems to stand in the way of you enjoying your much-needed and anticipated timeout. Among them, stomach problems seem to be the most common, especially in the summer.

It’s easy to lose sight of health precautions when you’re having fun traveling, and to make mistakes that may eventually lead to indigestion, food poisoning and the like. So here are 4 ways in which you can prevent getting stomach sick during your travels:

1. Avoid tap water 

This is a common mistake, particularly during the summer when the heat drives us to seek any source of water available just to avoid being dehydrated. Especially when traveling to developing countries, try sticking to bottled water, and tempting as it may be, don’t ask for ice at the restaurant.

2. Order cooked vegetables

For the same reason, choose cooked vegetables over raw ones. High-heat used during cooking will kill most of the bacteria, and you’ll be saved from a sleepless night spent tending to your stomach problems.

3. Don’t eat street food 

Tempting as it may be, food sold in the streets might not be prepared by the same hygiene standards as in restaurants. There’s no way to know how fresh the ingredients are and how long has the food been sitting out. If you really can’t help yourself, at least choose something that you see come hot off the grill.

4. Come prepared  

Finally – although this should be the first step – don’t forget to pack some medicine on your travels, for any kind of emergencies that can occur, not just stomach sickness. Unless the situation worsens and you require hospitalization, appropriate medicine can save you a lot of pain and discomfort.