Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Andreea is a recent graduate of the University of Bucharest, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in American Cultural Studies. She's currently enrolled in a Master's program in the same field with a particular interest in literature and media studies. She makes the most of her leisure time by reading mystery novels, playing video games and pursuing her greatest passion, photography.

5 reasons why you should avoid all-inclusive resorts on your vacation

We totally get the temptation - you're on vacation, you just want to relax, have a great, carefree time and not worry about where you're gonna eat next. But all-inclusive resorts are places where our "must-indulge" mode gets activated, and it's all downhill from there. Experts say we should avoid these places during our vacations; read on to find out why!

Pokemon Go servers are down, leaving gamers all around the world...

The Pokemon Go servers crash has caused a global meltdown among hardcore players of this new yet extremely popular augmented reality mobile game. The crash is said to be caused by a DDOS attack carried out by a hacking group, though the huge number of players signing up and playing every day for the past week has surely contributed to this situation.

Nice terror attack claims more than 80 lives on Bastille Day

France mourns the death of over 80 people killed as a French-Tunisian criminal drove his truck through the crowd gathered in Nice, for Bastille Day celebrations. Over 100 others were injured, many of them children. Read on to find out more about the killer and the aftermath of this alleged terrorist attack.

Turkish PM Yildirim is interested in mending ties with Syria

Recently, Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim has expressed his wish of mending ties with Syria, in an effort to join the fight against terrorism and achieve regional peace. Read on to find out all about his initiative!

5 unusual hobbies of highly successful people

If you've been wondering what hobby to pick up next, here's a list of 5 arguably unusual hobbies from highly successful people, that might serve as an inspiration. Check it out!

Portugal becomes the new UEFA Euro Cup champion

The 2016 European Championship ended in an unexpected way for many, who believed in France's odds at winning the Euro Cup and even mocked Portugal for its previous losses. But the Portuguese persevered, even with Ronaldo taken out of the game in the first half and have sealed their first ever major tournament win. Well played!

Europe is now facing one of its biggest challanges

Worrisome rankings highlight a huge problem Europe has been facing for a while: dangerously high youth unemployment rates. Read on to find out which countries are facing the biggest challenges!

German churches now offer “Godspot” aka free wifi hotspots for all...

The German Protestant churches' move is a smart one, however controversial it may seem. It ultimately proves they can adapt to the times and make it easier for its community to stay connected through free and secure internet connection. Read on to find out all about their plans!

What ‘Brexit’ means for the technology sector

With many repercussions of 'Brexit' still left to arise, it's important to consider what the immediate and the long-term consequences of Britain's withdrawal from the E.U. are for the technology sector. Read on to find out all about it!

Game of Thrones recap: Season 6, Episode 10, “The Winds of...

Game of Thrones' sixth season finale took murder, destruction and dramatic plot twists to a whole new level. Many loose ends were tied up, but many others emerged in their stead. While you're still processing the epic supersized finale episode, check out our recap to see it exactly how it unfolded. (WARNING: this article contains spoilers for the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones!)