Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Andreea Udescu

Andreea is a recent graduate of the University of Bucharest, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in American Cultural Studies. She's currently enrolled in a Master's program in the same field with a particular interest in literature and media studies. She makes the most of her leisure time by reading mystery novels, playing video games and pursuing her greatest passion, photography.

Britain votes to leave the European Union: all you need to...

As Britain decides to leave the European Union, the world reacts in shock, confusion, disappointment but also support. Analysts and common people alike throw in forecasts, trying to anticipate what the local and global consequences of 'Brexit' will be. Read on and you'll find out all there is to know about this historical referendum!

10 ways to cope with summer heatwaves

It's getting quite hot all over the world lately, with many areas in the USA and Europe in particular facing major heatwaves at the moment. So stay cool and check out these ten tips on how to deal with heatwaves, both inside and outside your home.

Game of Thrones recap: Season 6, Episode 9, “Battle of the...

As fans are basically running out of superlatives when it comes to describing the "Battle of the Bastards", we figure it would serve to recap how exactly this epic episode unfolded and what is in store for the much anticipated season 6 finale. Read on, but beware, this article contains SPOILERS for episode 9 as well as the season finale!

Game of Thrones recap: Season 6, Episode 8, “No one”

As season 6 draws near its end, fan theories suggest we may facing more than just a mighty battle of the bastards in the upcoming episodes. Read on for a detailed recap of episode 8 and a taste of the things to come! (WARNING: this article contains spoilers for season 6 of Game of Thrones)

10 counterintuitive traits of genuinely intelligent people

It's interesting how intelligence, just like happiness, often lies in the little things. Here are 10 counterintuitive traits - call them habits if you want - that smart people share, check them out and see how many of them you find familiar!

Why are so many violent crimes wrongly blamed on mental illness?

More and more cases of violent crimes are wrongly linked to mental illness by the media, when in reality less than 5% of interpersonal violence cases can be attributed to mental illness in the U.S. Read on to find out why this happens and how it affects the stigma surrounding mental illness all around the world.

Maria Sharapova suspended for 2 years after testing positive for banned...

Maria Sharapova faces a two-year suspension after she failed a drug test at the Australian Open and tested positive for meldonium, a newly banned substance. Read on to find out more about the case and why Sharapova is determined to appeal the court's ruling.

Video games reveal exactly what happens to our brains as we...

Competitive video games such as StarCraft have a lot to teach us about our aging brains. Researchers have moved on from games like chess to fast-paced, multitasking, real-time strategy video games because they are an analogue of our fast-paced reality and thus offer information on how our brains react in similar real life situations. Read on to find out exactly what researchers have learned about this!

Muhammad Ali, boxing legend and cultural icon, dies at 74

A ferocious fighter both inside and outside the boxing ring, Muhammad Ali was and continues to be, even after his death, an inspiring and polarizing figure in world history. He is now remembered as he wanted to be remembered, a leader and a champion of his people.

Facebook and Microsoft team up to build massive underwater data transfer...

Tech giants Facebook and Microsoft collaborate on an ambitious project to build an undersea cable across the Atlantic, connecting the United States and Europe. Through this, they aim to meet customer needs for reliable, high-speed connections for their online services. Read on to find out all about the so-called MAREA project and what it means for the future of these two tech companies!