Thursday, August 22, 2019
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10 ways to cope with summer heatwaves

It's getting quite hot all over the world lately, with many areas in the USA and Europe in particular facing major heatwaves at the moment. So stay cool and check out these ten tips on how to deal with heatwaves, both inside and outside your home.

5 troubling habits of unhappy people

Unhapiness most commonly takes the form of troubling daily habits that damage our self-esteem, our relationships and stop us from achieving anything significant in our lives. If any of these five habits sound familiar to you, consider removing them from your routine and that might just make the biggest difference in your outlook on life!

“First-hour” rule: the key to tackling your toughest projects

If you've been wondering how to tackle that big, scary project you've been putting off because you don't know where to start, here's how. David Kadavy, bestselling author, came up with what he calls the "first-hour" rule. It sounds fairly simple and efficient - almost too good to be true. Check it out and you'll be compelled to apply it in all your future projects!

4 life-changing daily habits of well-connected people

CEO Kelli Richards suggests four daily habits that exceptionally well-connected people share. Her insightful tips will help you build and just as importantly, maintain, meaningful business connections, which lie at the foundation of any successful career. Check them out!

8 ways to hide the fact that you’re nervous

Wouldn't you like to be able to control your nervousness during crucial moments of your life? Here are 8 tips that can help you calm yourself and get through any situation, no matter how stressful.

How to avoid wasting time when you’re blue

We know that when you're feeling sad is hard to get motivated to do stuff, and staying in bed watching your favorite tv show over and over again sounds like the better option. But here's what: the more you do nothing, the less motivated you will become. So here are some tips to help you get active and avoid wasting time.

7 habits that will make you a better listener

Have you always wanted to become a better listener? Here are 7 things you should consider improving in order to achieve your goal.

15 tips on decluttering your life

Ever wonder what it would take to get your life decluttered and organized? Check out these 15 easy-to-follow rules you need so you can start that rewarding journey today!

9 things that make good employees quit

Read on to find out more about the things that make good employees quit, and what you can do to prevent that.

8 adult skills every 18-year-old should have, according to a Stanford...

A former Stanford dean shares her tips on what skills every 18-year-old should develop when transitioning into adulthood.