Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Apple will be paying hackers thousands of dollars, here’s why

In September, Apple will be joining a large group of tech companies that have implemented bug-bounty programs to take care of the critical bugs that appear in their software. The tech giant is offering up to $200,000 to hackers, depending on the vulnerability they find. Read on to find out more about Apple's bold endeavor!

The next iPhone update will help you save lives

Read more about another great update coming from Apple this fall!

Apple is making a television show about apps

Apple is setting into motion the production of an original television series about - yes, you guessed it - apps. Find out more about the production team, the focus of the show, and what it means for the company.

A new iPhone might be released this March, rumors say

It is rumored that Apple will surprise us with a new iPhone this spring. Find out what it has to offer!