Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Physical inactivity is costing us billions of dollars, study finds

Experts agree that physical inactivity has become a global pandemic that requires urgent global measures. From loss of productivity to healthcare costs for major diseases such as diabetes and cancer, physical inactivity is to blame for hurting the global economy to a large extent. Dr. Ding, who led the study in question, suggests that such research aims to raise awareness of the dangers of this pandemic and urge governments to invest more in programs that encourage physical activity. Read on to find out more about this worrisome study.

Global air pollution is rising at an alarming rate, a new...

The new report issued by the World Health Organization is serious cause for concern. It shows that over 80% of the world's population lives in heavy polluted areas and stresses the grave dangers they are exposed to as a result of that. Read on to find out what else they found and what can we do to stop or at least delay this phenomenon.

This skin patch could one day help control diabetes

Read more about what could be a revolutionary discovery in treating people who suffer from diabetes in a less invasive and less time consuming way.

Could optogenetics lead to drug-free treatments in the future?

The growing field of optogenetics provides us with hope for a future where drug-therapies are no longer needed. Read on to learn all about it!

Brain damage can lead to joke addiction

Recent studies show that people who have suffered brain damage or have dementia, can later suffer from Witzelsucht (or excessive joking) - a real neurological disease. Find out more about it!